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A bit about me...

Originally from the UK, I moved to Dubai 9 years ago. I enjoy travelling and exploring different cultures, so for me the move was a real adventure.  Being away from family is terribly hard and that's something you can't escape as an expat, I therefore, love meeting new people and making an ever growing friendship groups. 


 I have always been a creative soul and from a young age I cherished all things hands-on. From studying Art through to A-level, then Film at university and working in the film industry, I am used to thriving in a creative atmosphere.


Photography is a huge part of my personal and professional life. I rarely leave the house without my camera!  Documenting people, their different lives and stories is a core part of my photographic style. Capturing an emotion in a photograph forms the foundation of my approach.


Being a new mum of two,  I understand the stresses of juggling life with motherhood. Time passes by so quickly. So it is nice to take a few hours out to focus on capturing it! 


I am always free to chat, so drop me an email and I will call you straight back!

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